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Can Alcoholics Quit Drinking On Their Own

From the book, My Reclaimed Life. Maybe. I imagine you’re probably not one of the few who can, though. My guess is if you’re reading this, you’re somebody like me and can’t quit without help. Otherwise, why are you here? I’m presuming you’ve tried and tried and self-help hasn’t worked. So, to answer your question, …

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Why Wanting to Get Better May Do More Harm than Good

From the book, My Reclaimed Life. Here’s something I finally figured out:  Wanting to quit drinking, smoking, and being overweight and out of shape was no help at all. Not a bit. In fact, wanting to do all that probably hurt me. During my forty-year career as a teacher and school counselor, I met with …

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Pain Meds Don’t Create Drug Addicts

There are all kinds of problem with narcotic pain pills. Patients become tolerant and require higher and higher dosages. Eventually, the pills can cause hyperalgesia, or an increased sensitivity to pain. Based on an informal review of the literature, though, the biggest perceived problem is the high number of people who become addicted to pain …

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Is Alcoholism a Disease

I don’t know, and as a recovering alcoholic, really, I don’t care. As a recovering alcoholic, all I have to know is that I didn’t make some kind of a bizarre choice to spend twenty-four years in misery. To think being an alcoholic drinker is a choice defies all logic, and that notion can only …

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Did you come here from My Reclaimed Life? Please read this.

To my friends who arrived here from www.myreclaimedlife.com, my website about defeating alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, and sloth, please understand that All Over the Road includes information and opinions about a wide variety of topics. DON’T ALLOW MY POLITICS TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING BETTER. To see posts directly related to your interest, click on the …

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