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Email Servers – No Big Deal

It’s amusing to watch people flip-flop their mantras depending on circumstances. In the political world, that happens no matter the ideological bent. The latest comes from the far right’s new-found love affair with government competency. Well, that’s partly true. The right loves that the FBI director found that Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in hosting …

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Why I Don’t Watch Political Debates

I watched about seven minutes of the recent prime time Republican debate before switching to a recorded Antiques Roadshow segment on my DVR. Seven minutes was long enough to see the realization of the nightmare scenario offered in the movie Network. Peter Finch played the part of an anchorman gone mad. In the end, he …

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Caring and Loving Interpretation of the Constitution

When responding to another’s Facebook post, I wrote I wanted justices to make a “caring and loving” interpretation of the constitution. It wasn’t surprising to see a quick objection to that. A friend wrote,  “Your premise about the loving and caring aspect interpretation is faulty . . . I would much rather interpretation of law …

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