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Samsung Support Fail

Ever been in that neverending loop of non-support support? Here’s a great example, and I’d love to get Samsung to notice. This is not about exploding phones. It’s much more sinister because the problem is hidden. My wife and I each own Samsung Galaxy Note 5s, which have the capability, supposedly, for wireless fast charging. That …

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Russians Stole 1.2 Billion Passwords and I Don’t Care

Russian criminals have stolen 1.2 billion passwords and email addresses and I’m not worried and I’m not changing any passwords. Here’s two reasons why. The bad guys have over a billion people to choose to hack, and the odds of my being one of them about equals the chance I’ll win millions in the lottery. …

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Record Your Calls!

Recently, a customer service call by an AOL product manager went viral. That reminded me of how many times I’ve made my life so much easier because I record all calls when I’m doing business. It’s an easy thing to do once it’s set up. I’ll address how to do that in a future post. …

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