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August 2014 – All Over the Road

Monthly Archive: August 2014

Is Alcoholism a Disease

I don’t know, and as a recovering alcoholic, really, I don’t care. As a recovering alcoholic, all I have to know is that I didn’t make some kind of a bizarre choice to spend twenty-four years in misery. To think being an alcoholic drinker is a choice defies all logic, and that notion can only …

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How to Earn College Scholarships

When I was a high school counselor, it was common for parents of seniors to come to my office and ask how their kid could find scholarships for college. Almost always, the question came too late. They often said they’d read that millions of dollars worth of scholarships are out there unused because people don’t …

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Caring and Loving Interpretation of the Constitution

When responding to another’s Facebook post, I wrote I wanted justices to make a “caring and loving” interpretation of the constitution. It wasn’t surprising to see a quick objection to that. A friend wrote,  “Your premise about the loving and caring aspect interpretation is faulty . . . I would much rather interpretation of law …

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Russians Stole 1.2 Billion Passwords and I Don’t Care

Russian criminals have stolen 1.2 billion passwords and email addresses and I’m not worried and I’m not changing any passwords. Here’s two reasons why. The bad guys have over a billion people to choose to hack, and the odds of my being one of them about equals the chance I’ll win millions in the lottery. …

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Scholarships: Don’t get ripped off.

One of the things that frustrated me the most during my decades as a high school counselor was seeing students and parents be ripped off by scholarship scams. It drove me crazy to have them come to my office and tell me they’d gone to a “seminar” over the weekend and had paid crooks hundreds, …

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