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July 2014 – All Over the Road

Monthly Archive: July 2014

The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Weight Loss

From what I’ve seen, most people who want to lose weight skip the necessary steps to be successful. Based on my experience, and on the experience of people who have been successful at losing weight and maintaining the loss, there are a few conditions that are necessary. They are also sufficient.¬†The vast majority¬†of the people …

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Record Your Calls!

Recently, a customer service call by an AOL product manager went viral. That reminded me of how many times I’ve made my life so much easier because I record all calls when I’m doing business. It’s an easy thing to do once it’s set up. I’ll address how to do that in a future post. …

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Did you come here from My Reclaimed Life? Please read this.

To my friends who arrived here from www.myreclaimedlife.com, my website about defeating alcohol, cigarettes, gluttony, and sloth, please understand that All Over the Road includes information and opinions about a wide variety of topics. DON’T ALLOW MY POLITICS TO KEEP YOU FROM GETTING BETTER. To see posts directly related to your interest, click on the …

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